Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bye Bye Ugly Windows...

Hello California Shutters! Finally gave up on trying to treat these awkward skinny/long windows with drapery and cheap blinds and decided to make an investment in some california shutters! So glad we did it - I think it looks a zillion times better! Definitely worth the bucks.

We also updated the trim around the windows from the ugly builders basic stuff to a wider/chunkier style.

My new motto for 2013 is to invest in quality products that will stand the test of time vs trends that I will tire of in 6 months. 

Here is a before shot. These are the blinds that came with the house, but I had also tried roman blinds as well as panels and neither of those was doing it for me. Still have a lot of work to do but definitely a step in the right direction.


Thursday, 4 October 2012

Welcome to the World Grayson!

This summer we brought into the world our beautiful son, Grayson! He could not be more perfect and we are over the moon in love with him! Will post more about the journey over the last 3 months...

"It's a big world Baby and you're little, for a little while..." - Rene & Jeremy

Friday, 15 June 2012

Tweet Tweet! So Sweet! DIY Bird Mobile

"There was a little bird, And he sat up in a tree, A tiny little fella, Yes, a tiny bird was he! And he sang this little song for me, 'Twas tweet, tweet, tweet And I'd wake up just as happy as could be, With his tweet, tweet, tweet, So sweet!"
- S.K. Best

Well what nursery would be complete without a mobile? This little project has been consuming all my free time for the last week. So happy it's finally done! I'm very pleased with the results though so I guess in the end it was worth all the effort!

It all started with this tutorial from ECAB. I thought it was completely adorable and they were kind enough to provide a template for the birds. I also loved the idea that I could make this with remnant fabric that I have already used in the room.
I made a few modifications to the original tutorial. I found it hard to work with the fishing line and staples. So the hubs came up with the idea of using twine instead of the fishing line and drilling holes through the hoops to fasten the twine. He's a smarty pants what can I say. The twine was much easier to work with also represents a birds nest!

It sure is nice having all this free time to work on these projects while waiting for the little bambino to arrive. I want to make a bumper for the crib next. But no rush to get that done b/c I won't use it until he's 6 mos old anyway. I still have a few cradle sheets to whip up and really need to get the house in order as company could be on the way at any time.

- k & the bump

Friday, 8 June 2012

Piccolo Interiors - Reopened

Today is the first day of sweet freedom (aka mat leave) and it's looking like a beautiful day!

I decided to re-open my etsy shop, Piccolo Interiors, at least briefly. I still have a lot of fabric inventory, so going to see how many of my pillow case covers I can whip up and get posted over the next week or so.  I'm sure there won't be much time for sewing once the little bambino arrives. I don't know if pregnancy makes you extra crafty but I just can't stay away from my sewing machine these last few weeks!

Well I have a list of things to get done today so I better get cracking!

- k & the bump xo

Monday, 4 June 2012

Nursery Update

Just thought I'd post an updated nursery pic to show off the cute little pillows I made :) I had bought this fabric awhile ago to make pillows for my etsy shop and had some leftover fabric so I brought it up to the nursery just to see what kind of effect it would have and found the soft neutral hues to go lovely with the rocker and curtains. Perhaps a little feminine for a baby boys room but he's not going to notice and for the first year at least this is mommy's room too :)

The other additions include a pretty little blanket from some friends of ours and a Cloud B Sleep Sheep from my sister and her boyfriend.

 I will be selling 18x18" versions of these pillows in my etsy shop, Piccolo Interiors. I have a few whipped up already, but have yet to photograph and list them. One of the (many) things I need to work o this year is developing my photography skills. My store is set to vacation mode right now as I could go into labor anytime now. I will reopen once baby is born and things have settled down a little.

Working from home today and finding it hard to concentrate on actual work. Only have 4 more days of work left before "vacation" and then mat leave officially begins. Finding myself just sitting here thinking about the year ahead and the challenges it will bring (as well as staring at my kitchen which still needs so much work and which I'm just itching to tackle). Feeling inspired by all the wonderful, talented women I follow here and their ability to juggle motherhood along with their own successful businesses and home projects.  I'm hoping to figure out this year how to combine my passion for graphic as well as interior design into a new career, and ultimately allowing me to stay at home with baby and earn an income at the same time. This would be a dream come true!

For more pics of this nursery, visit my previous post.
Also for some really sweet but not too baby-ish music, check out Rene & Jeremy

- k & the (very big) bump xo